About us

Carton known as tight and thick paper. However it has many variants which differ from each other by physical characteristics as well as by purposes of use.

Each of us in his life had used cardboard boxes. Theses boxes are used as packaging for almost any products starting from industrial, food products ending appliances and heavy equipment, as well  used to transport goods both large size and small size.

Carton boxes are widely used in the Pharmaceutics. Besides strength and quality, carton packaging is an environmentally friendly material, that is very important for medicines storage.

As already mentioned, carton boxes are very durable, it is easy to print an image on it that is one of the important advantages. It is possible to make both one-colour and multi-colour printing (up to 4 colors).

«Carton Printing» company, established in 2014, produces carton boxes. We create high quality and economical boxes for storage and transportation of industrial goods, foods, stationery, furniture, tableware, pharmaceuticals and other products.

We have modern equipment that provides the full cycle of production of carton packaging.

"Carton Printing" offers production of light and solid cardboard boxes with increased resistance to external influences, not mnuŝihsâ and geometric forms, as well as possessing a high enough performance to be satisfactory. We manufacture boxes from single-layer, double-layer, double-face and shiny cardboard.

«Carton Printing» production of light and durable carton boxes  with the raised stability to external influences, retaining geometric forms, as well as having a quite high moisture resistance characteristics.

Production of cardboard boxes is implemented  in various forms  and sizes. Here you can order and buy the carton boxes that are designed specially for your company and your product.

We work with both private clients and large organizations operating in different fields.